Successful industrial heritage marketing through combination with wider tourism offers

16 to 18 October 2019 ERIH Anchor Point 'German Technical Museum' in Berlin, Germany.



The aim of this conference is to explore ways that industrial heritage sites can be promoted more fully within wider tourism offers.

The growth of international tourism during the 21st century has been phenomenal and industrial heritage tourism is losing more and more its niche market image and is on its way to be recognized as a respected part of our cultural heritage. Although this is good news, the question is if industrial heritage on its own is enough for long-term attraction of visitors and for the stimulation of repeated visits? Or if linking the promotion of industrial heritage more fully with other sectors of tourism is the success factor for future tourism marketing?

We are looking for innovative and best practice examples of how the promotion of industrial heritage can be combined with other sectors of tourism. As well as presentations of industrial heritage sites, we would especially welcome papers from experts such as tourism boards, travel agents and tour operators that offer packages for parties and individuals seeking a range of experiences including retailing and traditional city centre experiences as well as visits to specific natural and cultural heritage attractions.
ERIH also offers a poster session during the conference.

Papers should be submitted by 24th June 2019 to the ERIH office by e-mail.

Details Call for Papers

Interested persons should submit a precis of their paper (in English) by e-mail to the Secretariat by 24th June 2019 or express their interest in presenting a poster. This brief description of the intended presentation should be attached on no more than one side of A4. A brief CV and note of relevant experience should also be attached.

The ERIH Board will consider the submitted papers at its meeting beginning of July 2019. All those who have submitted papers will be informed whether they have been selected by the end of July.



The 14th ERIH Annual Conference took place from 10 to 12 October 2018 in the ERIH Anchor Point 'Museum of Industrial Heritage' in Bologna, Italy. The topic of the conference was "Mind the gap - The challenges for promoting industrial heritage in the 2020s"

Over the last 25 years European Industrial Heritage has become established as a major sector of tourism. Hundreds of millions of people visit to European industrial sites each year due to the efforts of many individuals and organisations, including ERIH

However this is no time for complacency, the promotion of industrial heritage needs to move with the times and ensure we reach out to as many people as possible. We need to show awareness of changes in European lifestyle and society in general and look forward to attracting as wide a diversity of people with as wide diversity of interests to our sites as possible. What societal changes need to be addressed? What opportunities are we presently missing? What gaps should we address in future marketing and promotion?

We have selected examples of good practice showing innovative and successful approaches in attracting new audiences to industrial heritage and which demonstrate significant awareness of societal change.

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