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where the largest opencast mine in the world can be found?

In Rio Tinto in the south of Spain. The copper ore is mined in the Corta Atalaya pit, that measures 1200 m by 900 m in size and is 350…

Stories about People ...

Bethel Henry Strousberg (1823 – 84)

Strousberg was a railway entrepreneur, born Baruch Hirsch Strousberg, to a Jewish family in Neidenburg (then in East Prussia but now Nidzica…


| November 26/27: Industrial Heritage and Sustainability – New Approaches to our Legacy

In its ninth edition, the Berlin Forum for Industrial Heritage and Society addresses…  more

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With a joint festival of media and arts, the Regional Associations of the Rhineland…  more

| Silesian Cultural Award for the Foundation for the Preservation of Silesian Industrial Heritage

The destruction of the historical evidence of Silesian industrial history prompted…  more

| German magazine Industriekultur, No. 3.21: "Canal Landscapes"

Before the advent of the railway, inland waterways were the most important early…  more

| HollandRoute: Industrial Heritage Week

We are just some days away from the start of the annual Industrial Heritage Week in…  more

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