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which town has the most warehouses?

It's Hamburg. The legendary Speicherstadt (warehouse district) takes its visitors back to the days of colonialism. Built in the years…

Stories about People ...

John Holker (1719–86)

John Holker is an early example of the significance of political refugees in the transfer industrial expertise between countries. He left…

Composite video of ERIH's dance event 'WORK IT OUT' 2021


| Call for Papers: Rethinking Storytelling at the 18th ERIH Conference 2022

Climate change, digitalisation, pandemics, gender equality, inclusion and new values…  more

| Screen Reader feature: ERIH website with improved accessibility

Anyone who has visited the ERIH website recently may have noticed the buttons…  more

| New Anchor Point Fortuna Mine: Inauguration attended by Minister of European Affairs

The Fortuna Visitor Mine in Solms is the first ERIH Anchor Point in Hesse, Germany.…  more

| New online channel: ERIH goes YouTube

ERIH has actually been on YouTube since 2018 - with videos on the pan-European dance…  more

| German magazine Industriekultur, No. 1.22: ERIH Regional Route Basque Country, Part 1

Travelling through the Basque Country by train or car reveals a diverse mountain…  more

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