19 April: ERIH Italy Meeting in Reggio Emilia

The impact of cultural heritage on urban development is not a new concept. Yet in the face of green transition and climate change, it made its way back to the top of the ERIH agenda. Following its discussion in the context of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) at last year's annual conference in Bilbao, ERIH will continue to focus on the regeneration of post-industrial landscapes by sustainably reactivating industrial heritage. A first glimpse of this will be at the centre of the ERIH Italy meeting.

The location of the meeting - the "Parco dell'Innovazione" (Innovation Park) with the ERIH member Officine Reggiane Historical Archive - is no coincidence. This is where company records are stored that bear witness to almost 100 years of industrial production in various sectors (railway, agriculture, aviation, food machinery). They tell the story of what was at times the fourth largest factory in Italy, which - despite recession and mass dismissals - remained in business after the Second World War, producing mainly sugar, locomotives and dockside cranes. Today, the 26-hectare industrial site, which ceased operations in 2008, is the focus of an innovative urban regeneration programme aimed at driving new sustainable economic development.

The ambitious and still ongoing refurbishment is attracting numerous private actors, research organisations, educational institutions, innovative services and cultural and creative entrepreneurs. At the same time, the extensive archive material enables the general public to participate in the restoration of memory. This is why historical reappraisal and participation are key topics of discussion at the ERIH Italy meeting, whether in person or online.

When and where? 19 April 2024, Parco dell'Innovazione, Capannone 19, Tecnopolo, Piazzale Europa 1, 42121 Reggio Emilia. The link for online participation will be announced.