Europe's industrial development has always been characterised by cross-border trade in raw materials and commodities, the transfer of knowledge and technology, and large-scale population movements as a result of labour migration. The exhibition "Linking Europe" focuses on these international links and demonstrates the connections between local stories and the wider picture of European industrial development.

Participating sites will focus on objects that illustrate the European, and also global, dimension of industrial development. Smaller objects may be exhibited in a prominently display case while larger objects may be located in the open air. Information boards will explain the story behind the object(s) and the European linkage that is being highlighted. Typically, objects will be displayed in pairs - one of the objects relating to the site where it is displayed, the other relating to another site in Europe but with a story that links them. Sometimes a single object can illustrate an interesting European linkage– for example, technology of the German company Siemens in the converter factory of the Streetcar Museum in Porto.

All participants in “Linking Europe” can also be viewed in our virtual exhibition.

If you have a linking Europe story to tell at your industrial heritage site and have not yet identified a potential partner site in any other European country, you can now send your partner request with all relevant information by e-mail to webmaster(at)erih.net. We will immediately publish the request on the ERIH website.

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