Our dance event "WORK it OUT" premiered in 2018 as ERIH's main contribution to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The event is aimed primarily at young people (children, teenagers and young adults from school classes, sports clubs, dance and fitness studios, etc.), who can thus consciously experience industrial heritage and its sites and discover its importance for their own past, its relevance for their present and its future potential. Of course, people young at heart who are interested in exercise can also take part. On the day of the event at 3pm (CET) the dance takes place in front of, in and even on impressive industrial heritage sites throughout Europe and the industrial monuments are staged as an attractive place to experience.

Already before that, the easy to learn WORK it Out dance will be trained via You Tube tutorial. The music, with elements from Beethoven's European anthem "Ode to Joy" in electronic dance style or as a rap version, is re-composed every year, as is the specially developed choreography, which transfers handles and gestures of work from earlier times to modern moves.

During training and of course during the performance, photos and videos are taken and posted with our hashtag #erihworkitout.

In 2021, 35 sites / organisations from 14 European countries took part!


REVIEW: "WORK it OUT" 2021

In these uncertain times ERIH set once again a sign for European cooperation and dance together. We realised WORK it OUT the September 12th, we danced together again at 35 locations in 14 European countries.

As in the previous years, there has been decentralized dancing at many sites in Europe and, in addition, a live stream has been presented on the day of the event from a central location, the Culture Brewery in Berlin, Germany. Besides the live stream of the dance there were interviews with partners on site, live broadcasts and video recordings of preparations and rehearsals. Locations which were not able to realise live streaming, could send material in advance.

The dance has also been recorded on video again at the locations and then published on YouTube and Facebook by ERIH. ERIH will again produce a video compilation of all participating locations. The advantage: The concept works with and without visitors at all locations!

Record: "WORK it OUT" 2021 Live Stream

The ERIH "WORK it OUT" 2021 Composite Video



REVIEW: "WORK it OUT" 2020

Even in the uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic, ERIH once again set a European example: on 13 September 2020, the "European Heritage Day | Open Monument Day", the newly composed and choreographed WORK it OUT dance was performed and this time also organised as a digital event.

Due to the measures decreed in the European states to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the WORK it OUT dance event this year was a special challenge for the organisation and implementation on site.

The date of the event had to be postponed from 1 May, "Labour Day", to 13 September 2020. In the end, 29 locations in 9 countries participated with extraordinary commitment and great success. This also applies to the response in the social media. As in the last two years, decentralised dancing was held together at 15.00 (CET) at many locations in Europe.

A side effect of the pandemic was a push towards digitalisation: what was new was that we hosted a live stream on the day of the event from 14.00 hrs. From the central location in the ERIH Anchor Point LWL Industrial Museum Lage Brickworks the programme was streamed live with TV presenter Shary Reeves. As a result, WORK it OUT achieved even greater coverage on the net than in the first two years.

Live streams of the dance at the locations, interviews with local partners, live broadcasts and video recordings of preparations and rehearsals were shown on our social wall.

Record: "Work it Out" 2020 Live Stream 

The ERIH "WORK it OUT" 2020 Composite Video




More than 5,000 young people, 40 industrial heritage sites, 12 European countries, 1 dance – that’s the success of WORK it OUT 2019. The second edition of the continental dance performance clearly proved that industrial heritage is alive and belongs to all of us. Since it was great fun, it comes again next year - with new music and a new choreography!

On 1 May 2019, "WORK it OUT" entered the second round. At 3 p.m. visitors of different age performed the “WORK-it-OUT” dance. They wore coloured workers´ caps (provided by ERIH) and danced together. All spectators were invited to dance the easy-to-learn choreography and join.

Everybody who likes to move joined. Our member sites cooperated again with schools, dance classes, sports clubs etc. in their area. Young and old danced and the motto was: It does not have to be perfect, it should be fun!

And it was! Photos and videos of the dance performance were posted on social media, the performances were shared and published. The result is a creative and unique performance of our common European Industrial Heritage. Even more ERIH sites joined in the second edition and the public awareness, the media coverage and the overall success was even bigger for all participants and for the industrial heritage.

The ERIH "WORK it OUT" 2019 Composite Video


More information, photos and videos at our

Social Wall "WORK it OUT" 2019
Photo and video gallery



May 1st, 2018 was a very special one: ‚WORK it OUT‘ made young people all around Europe dance - in celebration of our shared European industrial heritage. From Norway to Spain and from Belgium to Bulgaria, 32 ERIH sites were part of the event.

The day focused on the electronic dance performance ‚WORK it OUT - Day of Industrial Heritage‘, composed by 17-year-old musicians Paul Fanger and Paul Ostarek – Paul & Friends – and based on Beethoven's European anthem ‚Ode to Joy‘. The choreography of Hai Truong, dance studio Groove Dance Classes, translates repetitive movements of former workers into modern dance moves.

This kind of ‚industrial dance‘ did inspire children and particularly young people, who were the main target audience of ‚WORK it OUT‘ since it’s them who transfer the industrial heritage to the next generation. For them the dance performance was an opportunity to experience the legacy of the industrial age in a creative way – not only as a cool location but also as part of their own culture.

Over the past few weeks more than 3,000 children and young people have rehearsed ‚WORK it OUT‘ intensively. On 1 May at 3 pm sharp, they started to dance in smaller or larger groups, many of them dressed in black and equipped with the blue ‚WORK it OUT‘ cap as emblem and part of the performance. The participating ERIH locations combined the ERIH event with further visitor attractions.

The ERIH "WORK it OUT" 2018 Composite Video