WORK it OUT 2024: Season 7

8 September is the day again when ERIH will be turning dozens of its sites across Europe into venues for a special kind of dance festival: WORK it OUT #7 held amidst impressive industrial backdrops. Bonding the mostly young dancers – no matter where they perform – and their audience is their enthusiasm for industrial heritage and its rich potential. The "Best Practices Award 2022" of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe is proof that this is well received.

The event aims to encourage particuarly young people to explore former industrial sites. As always, all participating dance groups – coming from schools, sports clubs, fitness studios and dance classes – will be provided with a video tutorial showcasing the choreography, which is created anew every year. The music, an electronic dance or hip-hop song inspired by Beethoven's European anthem "Ode to Joy", is recomposed for each festival edition as well. Livestream and social media provide real-time coverage of each dance performance. A competition features monetary awards for the dance groups achieving the highest number of likes.

Many ERIH sites have WORK it OUT fixed in their calendars. Those who are new to the event, undecided or still have questions about the process, social media coverage, video recordings and the competition are cordially invited to our kick-off event, which will be held online on 15 May at 11 a.m. CET. This is where the organising team will introduce themselves and explain the idea and objectives of the festival as well as providing practical information.

Registration for both the dance festival and the kick-off event is now open:

We ask all potential participants to complete the form no later than 8 May. By then, the video tutorial will have been finalised. We are looking forward to another amazing dance event at multiple ERIH locations across Europe.