Museum of Coins and Medals

The importance of Kremnika from the Middle Ages in mining for gold and silver was linked to the creation of a mint that has operated continuously for some 700 years. The museum tells the stories of mining and the manufacture of coins and medals. The collection began in the 18th century and entered the museum in 1956. It was redeveloped in 2003 as a national Museum of Coins and Medals. It occupies an ancient house on the main square. In the basements visitors learn about the development of ore mining and processing with displays of minerals, tools, trucks, a furnace and testing and measuring instruments. The history of the city and its industries and crafts is explored on the ground floor. On the first floor visitors learn about the history of money from the earliest times to the present. Coins and medals are shown alongside the technology of minting since the Middle Ages.  

Museum of Coins and Medals
Múzeum Mincí a Medailí
Štefánikovo nám. 11/21
96701 Kremnica
+421 (0) 45 - 6780301