Andrej Adit Mining Museum

Kremnica in the mountains of central Slovakia was one of the main gold-mining towns in Europe in the Middle Ages and later. Gold and silver extraction began in the 10th century. A mint for coins was making gold ducats and florins by 1335. In the 14th century the town was known as ‘Golden Kremnika’. The last gold was extracted in 1970. However the adit that is now the museum was created during an attempt to restart mining in 1982 and restored by a group of enthusiasts in 2007. It is 60m below the surface and gives visitors access to minerals and workings. In a walk of one hour wearing helmets and lamps they see the mining methods developed in Kremnica from the beginning of the 16th century to the 20th century, including rail wagons, roofs supported by steel rings, caverns cut from solid rock and minerals gleaming in the walls. Guides explain about the life of the miners and their special traditions.

Andrej Adit Mining Museum
Banské múzeum štôlňa Andrej
Banská cesta 803/27
96701 Kremnica
+421 (0) 45 - 6743144