Foundry Museum of Finland

Karkkila is an old industrial town set amongst hundreds of lakes where the Foundry Museum of Finland is located in the former main office of the local foundry. Displays illustrate working methods in foundries, demonstrating the ways in which moulders used their tools. There are displayed of products including baths, cookers, stoves, pots and pans and cast-iron inscriptions. The Högfors blast furnace of 1822 once owned by Joseph Bremer has been reconstructed. Art exhibitions are staged in the Galleria Bremer on the top floor of the building.

An open air section displays living and working conditions in the area between the 1850s and the 1960s. Several old cottages have been furnished as workers’ homes of different decades, and a bakery provides bread for visitors. Other foundry buildings have been adapted for new uses, including the engine erecting shop which is now the local library.

Foundry Museum of Finland
Sumen Valimo Museo
03600 Karkkila
+358 (0) 9 - 42583672