Kellokoski Ironworks

Kellokoski Ironworks was founded in 1790 along the Kerava river rapids. The entire ironworks area has remained virtually unchanged and authentic, and has retained its rustic appearance to this day. You can walk in narrow alleys surrounded by red brick factory buildings, see the remnants of its past industrial use, listen to the sound of the rapids and enjoy a cup of coffee or browse the boutiques that now occupy some of rooms in the old ironworks.

The ironworks used to manufacture several types of metal products for agriculture and household items, including milk barrels, axes and other tools. Manufacturing included several kinds of small items such as hinges, door handles, scales and oven hatches, army spoonforks, and fire fighting equipment. The ironworks factory was an important part of Finnish manufacturing, responding to the need of the nation. Later on the ironworks started manufacturing the first aluminium boats in Finland, called Kellovene. The factory ceased operations in 1979.

The museum exhibition on site presents the ironworks history and the surrounding village life in many ways. An important aspect of the exhibition are the items that were manufactured, showing the large range of the varitey of items that were manufactured. The museum is located in the old factory area in the lower workshop, and also has annually changing exhibitions.

Kellokoski Ironworks
Kellokosken ruukin tehdasmuseo
Vanha Valtatie 190
04500 Kellokoski
+358 (0) 40 - 7731889

Recommended duration of visit:1,5 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:45-90 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:Available

The ironworks area is open to walk around all year.

May to mid July, August
'Thursday - Sunday 12am-4pm

mid to end of July
Tuesday - Sunday 11am-5pm

February to April
Saturday 12am-4pm

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