Valvilla Wool Mill Museum

In the late 19th century, the growth of the Finnish railway network made Hyvinkää an important railway junction, attracting both people and industries. Engineer Ossian Donner (1866-1957) founded the Hyvinkää wool spinning mill in 1892 and started the industrialisation of Hyvinkää.

Starting small, the wool spinning mill became one of Finland's notable textile factories, shaping Hyvinkää's growth and urban development for nearly a century. Its success drew other factories to Hyvinkää, leaving lasting marks in the town. Today, traces of Hyvinkää’s industrial history are still present in the townscape. Several original factory buildings are still standing, some repurposed through thoughtful renovations.

Within the Villatehdas area, you can explore industrial architecture and learn more about Hyvinkää's industrial past. The Valvilla Wool Mill Museum, established over 40 years ago, is located in the former factory fire station in the wool mill's inner courtyard. The museum tells the story of the wool spinning mill and reflects on how Hyvinkää changed from a rural community to a modern city.

Valvilla Wool Mill Museum
Valvillan tehdasmuseo
Kankurinkatu 4-6 (Inner courtyard of the Wool Mill)
05800 Hyvinkää
+358 (0) 40 - 4801644

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