Wohlfahrt Mine Visitor Mine

It is cold, somewhat damp, and dark. At places you have to duck your heads. Visitors very quickly appreciate what mining lead ore underground used to entail. The underground gallery has a total length of 2,450 metres, and there are now guided tours along a part of it covering around 800 metres. Since the temperature never rises above 8 degrees all the year round, you would be well advised to wrap up warm and wear some sturdy shoes.

There were mining activities in the Eifel region as early as Celtic and Roman times; and the first document where the „Reischeidt mine“ was mentioned, dates back to 1543. After a break in mining in the 18th century it was taken up again in the 19th century when new techniques once more made it profitable. No less than 13 „main levels“ were constructed between 1848 and 1920. „Main levels“ was the term used by colliers to describe the different stories in a mine. The deepest shaft in the Eifel descended to a depth of 520 metres. Ore mining in Re-scheid ceased for good in 1940.

With the support of the RWTH Aachen, the Rescheid local history society was able to build a visitor mine in the 1980s. Here guides take guests on a vivid tour of the underground galleries and tell them all about the arduous and hazardous work of the miners. Back on the surface, visitors can take a look inside the „Pit House“ which contains a collection of minerals and fossils, as well as an exhibition on the history of mining in the region. Attractive, informative nature trails (a mining trail and a geo trail) in the neighbouring countryside help visitors to learn more about geology and mining history. If required, you can also book expert guided tours of the surface area.

Wohlfahrt Mine Visitor Mine
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