The Granite Centre of the Bavarian Forest

The Granitzentrum Bayerischer Wald (The Granite Centre of the Bavarian Forest) at Hauzenberg, near the border of the Czech Republic, 15 km north-east of the city of Passau, is designed to show how granite has been extracted and used in architecture over past centuries. It is located in an elegant modern building, opened in 2006, alongside a lake that was formed when an abandoned quarry was flooded. Visitors see first a 15-minute film, which explains the geological origins of granite and the history of quarrying in the region. This is followed by a walk through outdoor displays which show how the stone has been extracted and worked. There are striking views below the water of former quarry faces, and it is possible to examine swivel cranes, the trucks on which stone was carried and the huts where the Steinhauer (stone hewers or quarrymen) sharpened their tools and took breaks from working. There are also displays showing how granite was shaped before it was incorporated into buildings, and explanation of how Gothic window frames were made. The tour ends at the quarry canteen. There are spectacular Granitweihnacht (granite Christmas markets) in the area when the quarries are illuminated.

The Granite Centre of the Bavarian Forest
Passauer Strasse 11
94051 Hauzenberg
+49 (0) 8586 - 2266