Railway Museum of Slovenia

The Slovenian railway museum originated in 1981 and has developed with two sections. At Parmova ulica 35 is the roundhouse of a former engine shed in which ten historic locomotives are exhibited. It was extensively renovated in 1994. Nearby is a permanent exhibition in a new building dating from 2004 of artefacts and documents relating to the history of railways in Slovenia. It includes equipment used in the building and maintenance of railway track, workers’ uniforms, signalling and control equipment and displays showing the growth of the network in Slovenia. It is intended that the museum will in due course be incorporated with collections of historic road vehicles in a museum of transportation under the auspices of the Technical Museum of Slovenia.

Railway Museum of Slovenia
Zelezniski muzej Slovenskih zeleznic
Parmova 35
1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0) 291 - 2641