Union Brewery Museum

The Union Brewery in Ljubljana dates from 1864, and the museum, founded in 1986 by the company with the enthusiastic support of its employees, portrays its history and many other aspects of the manufacture and consumption of beer in Slovenia. The museum has won several awards for the quality of its interpretation, and for the way in which it reflects the lives and interests of the brewery workers. Exhibits were donated by the Institute for Hop Growing and Beer Brewing of the former Yugoslavia, by many publicans, and by the workers themselves. Visitors can see the various stages in the brewing of beer, the malt house, the mash house, the fermenting and lager cellars, the filtration and bottling plant, and the barrel store. There are also representations of traditional Slovenian drinking places, with old furnishings, bottles with historic labels and advertising materials.

Union Brewery Museum
Pivovarski muzej Pivovarna Union d d
Pivovarmiska 2
1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0) 471 - 7340