Piedmontese Railway Museum

The railway museum at Savigliano, 50 km south of Turin, was established in 1978. Its locomotives and rolling stock are housed in a roundhouse locomotive depot and the adjacent sidings. The collection includes some steam locomotives, but the Italians were pioneers in railway electrification, and perhaps more important is the range of large Italian main line electric locomotives dating from the early 20th century onwards , including examples of classes E428, E431 and E626. There are also some of the elegant streamlined diesel and electric railcars built in Italy in the 1920s and 30s, and one of the prototype Pendolino multiple units. There is a large collection of passenger and freight rolling stock, together with track maintenance and breakdown vehicles. Several historic locomotives are available to be used on excursion trains for enthusiasts. The stylish interior displays include an extensive model layout, and large numbers of models of individual locomotives and carriages. There are also displays of equipment, including a signalling frame and numerous lamps of the kind mounted at the ends of trains, as well as collections of railway company uniforms and name plates and works plates from locomotives and carriages.

Piedmontese Railway Museum
Museo Ferroviario Piemontese
Via Coloira 7
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