Museum of the Art of Manufacture and Cutlery

Since the 15th century, bladed arms, tools and cutlery for the Republic of Venice were produced in Maniago. Meanwhile, most of the once abundant small workshops around the town center have disappeared. Today’s cutlery production has moved to modern factories in newly established industrial zones. On the other hand, the awareness of the traditions of industrial heritage has been growing ever since.

Thanks to that, the ancient forge Beltrame on the banks of an 15th century irrigation canal was saved from decay. In addition, ‘Coricama’, the once largest local company that was completely reduced to ruins in the 1990s, reopened as ‘Museo dell' Arte fabbrile e delle coltellerie’ industrial museum in 2009. Covering two spacious floors, the exhibition tells the story of the cutlery industry from its beginnings to the present day. With its impressive exhibits and displays it allows visitors to explore the social, economic and technical aspects of the cutlery production as well as product diversity and design history and, not least, the cultural history of the industry.

Museum of the Art of Manufacture and Cutlery
Museo dell'Arte Fabbrile e delle Coltellerie
Via Maestri del Lavoro, 1
33085 Maniago
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