Neri Foundation: The Italian Museum of Cast Iron

The museum celebrates high-quality, decorative objects that were cast by specialist iron foundries for public spaces in the 19th and early 20th centuries – lamp posts, benches, fountains, railings and other features. It began with a private collection and became an association in 1991. This was supported by the urban furniture company Neri, and in 2005 the Neri Foundation took over responsibility. The collection is now shown in three places. The main location since 2010 is at the Neri factory in Via Emilia at Budrio, where the former painting shop is dedicated to the museum. An impressive range of beautifully cast items from different makers across Europe is on show in spacious surroundings. There is also an archive of publications, photographs and design drawings. Selected items can also be seen in the former church of Santa Maria delle Lacrime in Via Santa Maria in Longiano and 10km away in the public gardens at the city of Cesena.


Neri Foundation: The Italian Museum of Cast Iron
Fundazione Neri: Museo Italiano della Ghisa
Ss. Emilia, 1626
47020 Longiano
+39 (0) 547 - 652171