La Villa Palladienne – Château de Syam

The Chateau de Syam is a mansion built by the owners of the Syam scythe-making forges in the Jura. Claude Jobez, his son Emmanuel and other members of his family redeveloped the forges in the early 19th century and they became highly successful. Emmanuel Jobez began the mansion in 1818. However, he died in 1828 and it was completed by his own son, Alphonse, who also built horseshoe-shaped outbuildings inspired by the architecture of the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans and a school and a medical dispensary at the forge. The square, yellow-painted villa is modelled on Palladian architecture. It is surrounded by parkland but is only 400m from the industrial site. Three circular balconies rise through the centre to a lantern at the top. The interiors remain fully furnished and have trompe l’oeil decoration inspired by Pompeian murals. The owners opened the villa to self-guided visits in 2001. It is possible to stay in the house or to attend concerts and exhibitions.

La Villa Palladienne – Château de Syam
225 Chemin de Benaisy
39300 Syam
+33 (0) 384 - 516414