Stenay Beer Museum

Stenay is an historic garrison town on the River Meuse between two places that resonate in French military history, Sedan and Verdun. The food store of the citadel which dates from 1609-15 was adapted as a malthouse in 1879 and now accommodates the museum of beer. The malt kiln remains at one end of the three-storey building which was purchased by a group of beer enthusiasts in 1986 when it was in a derelict condition. Touch-screen displays illustrate brewing from the Gallo-Roman times to the present, showing in particular how the manufacture of beer developed on an industrial scale in the nineteenth century. The centrepiece is a reconstructed brewing hall of 1921 from a brewery at Clavy-Warby (Ardennes), which includes three copper vessels and diesel pumps. There are also bottling machines, a laboratory, and displays of glasses, mats, baseball caps, pens, posters and other marketing materials. This is claimed to be one of the largest brewery museums in Europe.

Stenay Beer Museum
Musée de la Bière
17 Rue du Moulin
55700 Stenay
+33 (0) 329 - 806878