Goldberger Museum of Textiles and Clothing

The Goldberger family established a textile business in Budapest in 1784, which was continued by four generations into the twentieth century. It was primarily concerned with printing fabrics, using indigo dyes. A collection of the company’s products and equipment was established in 1972, and in 1992 the family’s residence became available for occupation by a museum, which opened to the public in 1999. Displays show the technology of various means of textile printing and the history of the Goldberger family and the company they established. The ground floor of the house was originally a workshop for producing indigo dyes, and there are explanations of the techniques that were used. There are also many examples of the products of the Goldberger workshops some of which feature in window displays. The museum organises walks around the city visiting sites connected with the Goldbergers and textile printing.

Goldberger Museum of Textiles and Clothing
Goldberger Textilipari Gyüjtemény
Lajos útca 136-38
1036 Budapest
+36 (0) 1 - 2502020