Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall in Budapest is a vast three-storey building, with an iron frame and extensive use of glass, designed by Samu Pecz (1854-1922) and opened in 1897. It stands near the Pest end of Szabadsag (the Liberty) Bridge. It was damaged in the Second World War and closed for some years afterwards, and again for restoration for several years in the early 1990s.

Market stalls offer food of all kinds, fresh fish, honey, spices, saffron, salami, coffee, mushrooms, pasta, paprika, caviar and pickles, as well as wines, particularly Hungarian Tokay, and liqueurs. Many stalls sell traditional Hungarian bed and table linen and embroidery. There are numerous eating places and visitors can go on guided tours that include meals or food tastings.

Great Market Hall
Vámház Körút 1-3
1093 Budapest
+36 (0) 1 - 3663300