A. Le Coq Beer Museum

The A. Le Coq company was started in 1807 and in 1912 moved to Tartu, which had a long history of brewing. The company was nationalized in the Soviet era but relaunched with the A. Le Coq trademark in 1999. It is now the largest drinks manufacturer in Estonia, making beer, cider and soft drinks.

The Beer Museum is in a malt tower of 1898. Large displays tell the story of brewing from ancient times to the present and include brewing equipment and ephemera such as bottles, bottle caps, mugs and barrels. Guided tours (in Estonian, English or Russian) visit the production premises and the museum and end with a product tasting.

A. Le Coq Beer Museum
Õllemuuseum A. Le Coq
Laulupeo pst 15
50050 Tartu
+372 (0) 744 - 9711