Estonian Agricultural Museum

Tartu is Estonian’s second largest city, the seat of an ancient university and the location of the country’s agricultural museum which is based in the outbuildings of a substantial mansion called Ülenume Manor.

Displays reflect the various stages of the agricultural year, and such activities of cattle breeding and the cultivation and processing of flax. One series of displays shows the ways in which birch bark and straw have been used to make utensils, while another shows red ware pottery from Muhu island. A blacksmith demonstrates his craft in the museum and there is a working windmill. There are collections of steam traction and portable engines, and of antique carriages. A highly popular annual event is a garlic festival in August which features a competition amongst grower for the biggest bulb of garlic. The largest exhibited so far is one measuring 95 cm in diameter shown in 2012.

Estonian Agricultural Museum
Eesti Põllumajandusmuuseum
Pargi 4
61714 Tartu
+373 (0) 738 - 3810