Sayner Hütte: Iconic foundry celebrates ERIH Anchor Point recognition

At the start of this year's museum and event season, the Sayner Hütte Ironworks Foundation in Bendorf near Koblenz, Germany, is celebrating a very special achievement: the official recognition of the industrial monument as one of over 100 ERIH Anchor Points. Attractions at the site include the historic foundry - the first industrial facility with supporting cast-iron construction - and, as of last year, the cast-iron art gallery with high-quality objects produced in-house.

Simone Schneider, State Secretary and Chairwoman of the Foundation, emphasises with confidence that Sayner Hütte is the first and only monument in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate to be part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage: "We are proud that Sayner Hütte has joined the ranks of ERIH World Heritage Sites such as Völklingen Ironworks and the Zollverein Mine and Coking Plant."

ERIH President Prof. Meinrad Grewenig, also Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Sayner Hütte Foundation, will be attending the ceremony on 24 March at 3 pm as well. His keynote speech on this "jewel of industrial history" states, among other things: "The attractively restored buildings on the monument site have been further boosted by the cast-iron art gallery launched last year. Bendorf is now not only home to the history of iron production, but also to outstanding cast iron works."

The ceremony will be concluded with a public concert at 6 pm. Prior to this, the foundation invites visitors to take a free guided tour of the heritage complex.

Bendorf (D). Sayner Hütte Ironworks