Say hello, wave goodbye: UK representative position replaced

For two decades he was the British Isles' face on the ERIH map: Jonathan Lloyd, an industrial heritage expert and always available ERIH coordinator for Great Britain's ERIH members and stakeholders. Now there are three successors following in his footsteps – both a turning point and a new start.

We say "Thank you, Jonathan" with deep gratitude: for your excellent representation and continuous expansion of the ERIH network in the UK; for your long-standing commitment as an ERIH co-founder and board member; for facilitating and chairing numerous ERIH annual conferences in an expert and sensitive manner; and, not least, for being a friend for so many years!

We say "Welcome John, Mark and Mike"! All of them have accompanied ERIH ever since. There is John Rodgers, deeply involved with the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape World Heritage Site and, like Jonathan, an ERIH enthusiast and board member from the very beginning. He will be ERIH's representative for Wales with immediate effect.

Mark Watson, another familiar face in the ERIH family, now represents the network in Scotland. He is deputy head of industrial heritage at Historic Environment Scotland, which includes a number of sites that hold ERIH membership.

The position of ERIH Coordinator for England is now in the hands of Dr Mike Nevell. He is an industrial and landscape archaeologist with more than 30 years of experience in the heritage sector, helped to set up the first ERIH networks in the UK and more recently, as Industrial Heritage Support Officer, has been involved in providing support for England’s industrial heritage sites and the organisations that run them. In this role, on behalf of Historic England, he has already worked closely with Jonathan and took advantage of existing synergies, particularly in relation to the English Industrial Heritage Networks.

We look forward to working with you all! And we do hope that COVID-19 will not prevent us from meeting again in Ghent this year!