"Never say never again": Blue Sunday celebrates industrial culture in Northern Hesse

Nobody knows exactly where the German expression "blau machen" comes from. Yet it is clear what it stands for: playing hooky or skipping work or school. The netzwerk industriekultur nordhessen nino ("Northern Hesse Industrial Culture Network") turns this small break from everyday life into something positive and invites visitors to embark on „Blue Sunday“, a fascinating tour of the region's industrial history.

This year, Blue Sunday starts on a Thursday in August and runs for several weeks. From 26 August to 10 October, despite all the hardships of the past months, a total of 42 North Hessian museums, associations, initiatives and companies will be hosting more than 70 exciting guided tours, exhibitions, exploring trips, factory tours, city walks and open days.

The shared tagline "Never say never again" targets concepts such as innovation, technological transformation or sustainability, but also refers to tackling everyday challenges such as the corona pandemic. Whether it's the family tour of a recycling facility in Kassel, the lignite trail across the Borken Lake District or a lab tour exploring the North Hesse Student Research Centre: everything is about thematically interlinking small and large sites and promoting North Hesse's industrial culture as a key aspect of regional identity.

Modifications with regard to specific events, group sizes or current regulations and decrees are possible at any time due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic. Any changes will be announced on a daily basis on the website www.blauer-sonntag.de.

Blauer Sonntag