Industrial Heritage Leipzig, Germany: Industry|Culture|Festival#7 and Industrial Heritage Days

For seven days, from 5 to 11 September, the Industry|Culture|Festival #7 presents, at nine different locations, the close interconnection between industrial heritage, types of creative use and forward-looking industries in Leipzig. Part of the festival are the 10th Industrial Heritage Days, as usual organising their programme around various routes featuring titles such as "Open Factory Gate", "Energy and Mobility", "Museums and Collectors" or "Art and Architecture".

Most popular is the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of active companies. To name only a few examples, visitors can choose from a factory tour of the European market leader for low-energy indoor air solutions and special applications, as well as a visit to a specialised foundry, a cell bank or a venture in the field of electric measurement systems. A different kind of attraction is the guided ride in a historic e-carriage exploring the industrial heritage of western Leipzig.

The Museum of Printing Arts, an ERIH site and always an exciting experience with its combination of a manufacturing workshop and museum, offers live machinery demonstrations on all floors. The fact that waters - and among them especially those that have disappeared - are also witnesses to industrial history is illustrated by a lecture on "The transformation of lakes and rivers in Leipzig in the wake of urbanisation and industrialisation" at the Wasser-Stadt-Leipzig e.V. clubhouse in the old rail loading station.

A festival inside the festival is provided by the MIND WORLD programme in the Mining Technology Park, a 5.4-hectare former open-cast mining site showcasing historic machinery and automotive technology. During the Industrial Heritage Days, it turns into a stage for performing artists and musicians and at the same time serves as an exhibition and learning venue for a dynamic exchange on industrial heritage. Transformation is also the subject of the creative Klinge22 trading estate in Leipzig Plagwitz. Once part of Rudolph Sack's factory for agricultural machinery at the heart of Leipzig's old industrial district, it is now a place for creative work and local business in a quarter in transition. 

Programme of the Industrial Heritage Days Leipzig