3 September: INDUSTRIADA in Poland highlights Silesian industrial heritage

For the 13th time, Silesia is celebrating its industrial legacy with a colourful and diverse festival day. This year's programme, following the Silesian Industrial Monuments Route founded in 2006, bears the motto "End of Shift. Time for leisure!" and focuses on the life of workers beyond mines and factories.

The ERIH Silesia Regional Route has almost all its sites taking part, including the Anchor Points "Guido" Coal Mine and Queen Louise Adit in Zabrze, the Historic Silver Mine World Heritage Site in Tarnowskie Góry and the Brewery Museum in Żywiec. A total of 41 monuments and museums in 25 different locations are involved, offering 350 guided tours, attractions for young and old, live music and much more.

The programme will be inspired by the leisure activities of historical workers' settlements, including sports, art, music, children's games, outdoor activities and worship. What, for example, does a traditional Silesian miners' orchestra sound like and what tunes and songs did it perform? What do Silesians understand by "rubbernecking"? Why were and are there so many pigeons in Silesian industrial towns?

The Industrial Monuments Route Festival – the largest of its kind in Poland – has long since become a well-established part of the calendar of events in the Silesian Voivodeship. This year's official kick-off will be an elaborately orchestrated journey back into the history of a local Tychy brewery, with the finale being a spectacular fire theatre on the town square of Pszczyna. Visitors can easily reach the various venues by free public transport. 

Programme of INDUSTRIADA 2022