Linking Europe: industrial heritage - how to show the European links

Europe's industrial development has been unthinkable since its inception without cross-border trade in raw materials and commodities, the transfer of knowledge and technology, and large-scale population movements as a result of labor migration. The object exhibition "Linking Europe" focuses on the traces and testimonies of these developments, makes contexts visible and conveys European history in a local context.

The participating sites will focus on objects that are exemplary of the European, and also global, dimension of industrial development. Smaller objects can be exhibited in a prominently placed showcase. Additional information can be presented in such a display case or larger signs can be placed in the open space for larger objects or buildings of the industrial cultural heritage. Typically, these are object pairs, at least one of which is related to another site in Europe. The number of pairs of objects in the display case should be limited so that the objects appear "exposed" and not "set".

Often an object at the place is already an interesting couple – for example technology of the German company Siemens in the converter factory of the streetcar museum Porto. These references result from the peculiarities of the respective location, so the greatest possible freedom should exist in the selection of the object type.

In parallel the exhibits will be shown on a virtual exhibition on the web.

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