Yerevan History Museum

The museum celebrates the history of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Founded in 1931, the museum was housed in various locations across the city but since 2005 it has shared the modern municipal complex with the City Hall. The collection includes nearly 100,000 objects and covers history, photography, fine art and archaeology. The main section is made up of three halls. The first traces the history of Yerevan from prehistoric times to the late Middle Ages, featuring models and archaeological finds such as ceramic beer jugs, jewellery and knives from the sites of Yerevan Cave, Shengavit and Karmir Berd. The second hall depicts Yerevan in the nineteenth century, from the unification of East Armenia and Russia, focusing on everyday life in the city, including trade and industry. The third hall is organised thematically, exhibiting items related to the economy, education, culture, sports and printing machines from the nineteenth century to today.

Yerevan History Museum
1/1 Argishti Street
0010 Yerevan
+374 (0) 10 - 568109