Wine Cathedral

This is one of about 50 architecturally-distinguished buildings constructed in Catalonia in the early 20th century for agricultural co-operatives. Most had spacious interiors to allow air to circulate freely around the wine vats.

The building at Rocafort de Queralt, 30 km north of Tarragona, was designed by Cesar Martinell I Brunet and built in 1918 in a mixture of the Art Nouveau and Noucentrist styles. The building has three aisles for cylindrical wine vats with others added in 1930 and 1948. Workers at the co-operative were uncertain about the lightly-constructed arches that Martinell used to support the structure, but he went on to use the same principles in many other buildings in the region. The building is still in active use but there is daily access for visitors.

Wine Cathedral
Celler Cooperatiu i Secció de Crèdit de Vila-rodona, SCCL
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