Webb Corbett Visitor Centre | Ruskin Glass Centre

The Ruskin Glass Centre at Amblecote, Stourbridge, keeps alive the long glass-making traditions of the western part of the Black Country. It includes an English glass cone that was once part of the Webb Corbett Glasshouse, and was used for glassmaking until 1936. The Webb Corbett works closed in 1999 but was purchased in 2001 by the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust, and adapted as Glasshouse College, a working establishment for students with special educational needs. Part of the complex is used by up to 18 craft businesses, many of them involved in the blowing, engraving, decoration and repair of glass. The new Webb Corbett visitor centre, opened in 2013, has displays illustrating glass making in the Stourbridge area, including the results of archaeological excavations on the sites of two English glass kilns of the 1690s.

Webb Corbett Visitor Centre | Ruskin Glass Centre
Wollaston Road Amblecote
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