Weavers´ Triangle

The Weavers´ Triangle is a modern name for an area astride the Leeds and Liverpool Canal that was once at the heart of Burnley´s textile industry. The name was first used in the 1970s, as interest developed in preserving Burnley´s industrial heritage, and refers to the roughly triangular shape of the region.


The Visitor Centre is located in the former Canal Toll Office and Wharfmaster´s House at Burnley Wharf by the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Displays about the Weavers´ Triangle and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal show how cotton was made and visitors can try their hand at weaving.


Begun in 1830, Oak Mount Mill continued to produce cotton until 1979, making it one of the last in Burnley to close. The mill, including an original mill engine, is a short walk along the towpath from the Visitor Centre.


If you explore the area, you will still find many buildings from the days when the town led the world in the production of cotton cloth. A largely unbroken sequence of weaving sheds and spinning mills encloses the canal, making this one of the finest surviving Victorian industrial landscapes in the country.

Weavers´ Triangle
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