Volvo Museum

The Volvo company was founded in Göteborg in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson (1891-1962) and Gustaf Larson (1887-1968), and had its first factory in the Hisingen area of the city, where it produced its first car the OV4. Subsequently after numerous takeovers, Volvo has become a large global corporation with interests in construction equipment, commercial vehicles, aviation and marine engines. The displays at Arendal Skans portray all aspects of the company’s history, although there is more emphasis on construction equipment in the Munktell museum at Eskiltuna. Special features of the Göteborg museum include the desk shared by the founding partners, a children’s play car, and a full-size version of a Volvo XC90 car constructed in Lego. The cars made by Volvo are displayed in galleries which are chronologically themed. The museum shop specialised in models of Volvo vehicles. The museum can be visited during three-hour boat trips around harbour which also call at the collection of historic ships at Maritiman.

Volvo Museum
Arendal Skans
405 08 Göteborg
+46 (0) 31 - 664814