'Vereinigt Zwitterfeld zu Zinnwald' Visitor Mine

In Zinnwald, a suborb of Altenberg in the eastern part of the Ore Mountains, tin was already being mined in the 16th century. Later, tungsten ores and lithium mica were mined. Today, it is especially worth visiting the mine “Vereinigt Zwitterfeld zu Zinnwald” with the Tiefer-Bünau gallery and the mighty “Reichtroster Weitung”.

Those looking to combine exploring the mining history of the eastern Ore Mountains with a scenic experience can hike the 40 km mining trail from Krupka (Czech Republic) through Altenberg and Zinnwald and back over the border to Dubi. Because mining was also at home in the Czech part of the Ore Mountains.

The location is part of the Mining Cultural Landscape Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří World Heritage Site.

'Vereinigt Zwitterfeld zu Zinnwald' Visitor Mine
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