Vaux Paper Mill

The paper mill on the Belles Dames stream in the valley of the Auvézère in the Dordogne was established in 1861, taking over the water-power system of a disused seventeenth-century ironworks. It used rye straw to make paper that was mostly used in food packaging – one variety was known as papier de boucherie (butchers’ paper) – although the mill also produced stationery and paper for artists until 1968. The mill was purchased by the municipality in 1994 and is now open to visitors. Paper was made continuously on machines made by engineering works in Limoges and Angoulême and driven by two water wheels, and dried on heated cylinders. The mill’s tall brick chimney is a landmark in the valley. Visitors to the mill see a short film on the history of the site and on the industrial heritage of the Auvézère basin, and are able to see the whole production line on which paper was produced. Payzac adjoins the community of Savignac-Lédrier, site of an historic ironworks.

Vaux Paper Mill
Papeteries de Vaux
24270 Payzac
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