Upper Harz Water Management System World Heritage

The Upper Harz water management system became part of the Mines of Rammelsberg and Historic Town of Goslar World Heritage site in 2010. The system of managing water for non-ferrous metal mining in the area was developed over a period of 800 years and extends for 200 square kilometres. It is a complex system of reservoirs, water channels, access tunnels and underground drains. It enabled the use of water power and prevented flooding in the mines. The Harz waterworks (Harzwasserwerke) cares for 65 ponds and more than 70 kilometres of watercourses in the system, which today provides drinking water for the region. A visitor centre at the Kaiser Wilhelm shaft in Clausthal shows historical artefacts and models, photographs and drawings that explain the operation of the system. Walkers can enjoy following the watercourses through a beautiful natural landscape where mining was once so important. The Upper Harz Mining Museum offers special tours of the system underground. 

Upper Harz Water Management System World Heritage
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