Tytyri Mining Experience

The mining experience at Tytyri offers visitors the opportunity to explore spectacular underground caverns created by large-scale limestone mining which was begun by the company Oy Lohja AB in 1897. From the beginning most of the workings were underground, and surface extraction ceased in 1956. The museum of mining opened in 1988.  The complex now comprises more than 60 km of tunnels, some of them 110 m below the surface. Mining by the company Nordkalk Oy AB continues in the area at a depth of 370 m. The company supplies limestone to the rest of Finland and to Sweden, Poland and the Baltic states.

The Finnish lift (elevator) manufacture Kone uses the mines for testing and is in the process of installing Finland's fastest elevator as part of the visitor experience.

Tytyri Mining Experience
Tytyri Elämyskaivos
Kuilukatu 42
08100 Lohja
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