Tram-Museum Zürich

The museum of the street tramway system of Zurich was founded in 1968, and moved to the former tram depot at Burgwies, which it shares with a supermarket, in 2008. The museum also has a workshop in the smaller Wartau depot on tram route 13. The collection at Burgwies includes 20 tramcars dating from 1897 until the 1960s, including some that worked on the Interurban-style line from Zurich to Seebach, and some Swiss Standard cars of the 1940s. Most of the vehicles are still capable of working, and operated from time to time on route 21 between Burgwies and the city centre, manned by volunteer crews in historic uniforms. There are displays of uniforms and ticket machines and a large model layout. The emphasis throughout is on the social impact of the tram systems and the consequences of the increased mobility they brought to Zurich’s citizens.

Tram-Museum Zürich
Forchstrasse 260
8008 Zürich
+41 (0) 44 - 3802162