Tram Museum

The first trams in Helsinki were horse-drawn vehicles that began operation in 1891. The system was electrified in 1900, and passed into municipal control in 1945. Tramways form an essential and popular part of the city’s present-day public transport system. The museum is situated at the rear of the brick-built Toolo Hall depot, which dates from 1900. A representative selection of tramcars used on the city system, from a horse tram of 1890 onwards is displayed. Open cars were once popular in the summer months in Helsinki, but, clearly, they could not be used in the depths of winter, and have been abandoned, but one that was last used to carry visitors to the Olympic Games of 1952 has been preserved. The collection includes 20 support vehicles including rail grinders and snow sweepers. The museum is a branch of the Helsinki City Museum.

Tram Museum
Toolonkatu 51
00250 Helsinki
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