Tipoteca is a museum about type and printing, but also an archive and library, a printing shop, an exhibition gallery and a place for talks and conferences. It celebrates typefaces and the beauty of relief printing that leaves its mark deep in the surface of the paper. In a beautifully designed modern space it has a collection of 29 hand-operated presses and over 70 cylinder and platen presses, together with other printing equipment. Thousands of metal and wooden typefaces are stored in purpose-made drawers in its archives. The collection was built up by contacting hundreds of Italian printing shops and visiting them. The museum offers workshops in typesetting and letterpress printing, handwriting and fine bookbinding, using hand-operated presses and movable type. People interested in producing a page of print, a business card, an invitation or a whole book using letter-press techniques can work with Tipoteca’s team of printers to choose paper, ink and typefaces and produce their own print. 

Via Canapificio 3
31041 Cornuda
+39 (0) 423 - 86338