Timmermans Brewery

The Mole brewery at Itterbeek was established around 1700 by Jan Vandermeulen and re-named in the early twentieth century when Gerard Timmermans married a daughter of the owner. The adjacent museum opened in 2009. It can be seen by appointment and features on the 7 km Breughel trail. In the brewery itself visitors can see old equipment, including malt hoppers, copper kettles and huge oak barrels from Port wine makers used for ageing, as well as steam-powered  malt mills. The museum displays artefacts and images relating to the marketing and consumption of beer, including glasses and posters. The brewery is one of those famous for producing Lambic beer, which is flat and acidic in taste, made with 30 per cent wheat, and fermented with yeast from the air to which it is exposed in a shallow basin called a koelschip.

Timmermans Brewery
Brouwerij Timmermans
Kerkstraat 11
1701 Itterbeek
+32 (0) 25 - 690357