Time-Work-City Experience

At Frankeberg near Chemnitz in Saxony the Time-Work-City Experience (ZeitWerkStadt) is a museum about technical inventions that affected the life of the region – an exploration of pioneering spirit. It opened in 2021 with a mission to promote learning and enjoyment through hands-on, experimental displays for children and adults. It is located in a former hall for flower shows. Important parts of the collection came from the Frankenberg vehicle museum, which was open from 1996 to 2019.

Original exhibits include objects from the textile industry and carpet weaving, a printing press from 1845 that produced a pioneering daily newspaper and examples of commercial vehicles made by Framo (Frankenberger Motorenwerke), which worked in Frankenberg from 1923 and Barkas, which continued until 1991. A special exhibit is the ‘time cube’ where visitors are surrounded by 116 screens giving video displays. The exhibitions are brought to life by figures from the past who explain their working lives.

Time-Work-City Experience
Chemnitzer Straße 64
09669 Frankenberg
+49 (0) 37206 - 619620