The Valencia Museum of Paper

The Museum of Paper (Museu Valencia del Paper in the Valencian language) is one of a group of museums in the municipal park of Banyeres de Mariola near Alicante. It occupies the Villa Rosario, built in 1903. It opened in 1997 and was refurbished in 2019 to show the history of paper making in Valencia. The museum shows machinery and equipment and models of paper mills with interpretation panels and audiovisuals. Many samples of things made out of paper are displayed, especially the fine paper used to roll cigarettes, but also children’s toys and puzzles. The second floor shows examples of paper suits made in the local tradition of creating original costumes for fiestas. On the top floor is a gallery for temporary exhibitions.

The Valencia Museum of Paper
Museu Valencia del Paper
Parque Villa Rosario, 2
03450 Banyeres de Mariola
+34 (0) 965 - 567770