The Trolleybus Museum

The museum at Sandtoft is the principal collection in Europe of trolleybuses, the electrically-powered ‘free-wheeled’ cars, that developed, chiefly in the United Kingdom after 1910, from experiments carried out by German engineers in the 1880s. It originated in 1969 when the Reading Transport Society, formed in 1961 to acquire and restore one of that town’s trolleybuses, came together with three other groups to seek a suitable site for the conservation and demonstration of trolleybuses. A 1.6 ha site was obtained on a former Royal Air Force base on the Isle of Axholme, 20 km south-east of Doncaster which was opened in 1971, when construction began of an electric catenary. The site is operated by a trust, the Sandtoft Transport Centre. The museum owns some vehicles while others are the property of individuals or groups. Sandtoft became a registered museum in 2003. The collection includes 46 trolley buses, with examples that worked in Aachen, Liege, Limoges, Lyons, Marseilles and Porto, together with more than 20 motor buses.

The Trolleybus Museum
Belton Road
DN8 5SX Sandtoft
United Kingdom
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