The Technical Museum of Slovenia

Bistra lies 22 km. south-west of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, about half-way between the towns of Borovnica and Vrhnika. The headquarters of Slovenia’s technical museum, which was founded in 1951, is a mansion in the centre of an estate that was once a Carthusian monastery. It includes sections on agriculture, printing, water-power, textiles and fishing. The development of electric power is a particularly important theme. Exhibits include a steam engine and generating set installed in a power station in Ljubljana in 1897, and displays detailing the life and achievements of the Croatian-born physicist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) whose career was spent in the United States. The transport galleries include 40 bicycles, 50 motor cycles and 55 motor cars including a limousine that was used by Marshall Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980) president of Yugoslavia. Another section displays Slovenia’s forest industries and includes saw mills, workshops of carpenters, wheelwrights and coopers, and collections of traditional wooden household utensils.

The Technical Museum of Slovenia
Tehniški muzej Slovenije
Bistra 6
1353 Borovnica
+386 (0) 17 - 506670