The Reig Factory Museum - Tobacco Museum

The tobacco plant was once commonly grown on the lower slopes of the mountains of Andorra, and its leaves were processed locally and made into products for smoking. This museum occupies the multi-storey factory worked by the Reig family between 1909 and 1957 and is sponsored by the Fondació Julià Reig. The tools and machines used in the growing, harvesting and initial processing are displayed, and visitors are able to see how the leaves were fermented, cut and dried, and how tobacco was given various flavours and aromas. The workshops where cigarettes and cigars were manufactured form part of the route through the factory, as do the offices from which manufacturing was managed. Displays illustrate the smuggling of tobacco, cigars and cigarettes, the place of tobacco in the economic and social history of Andorra, and its role in the world over the last four centuries.

The Reig Factory Museum - Tobacco Museum
Museu Fàbrica Reig - Museu del Tabac
Carrer del Doctor Palau 17
700 Sant Julia de Loria
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