The Norwegian Mining Museum

The town of Kongsberg was founded in 1624 in order to support the Silver Works. The works developed into the largest pre-industrial enterprise in Norway in the 18th century. The Baroque church of 1761 at the old market square symbolises the significance of the Silver Works.

The mining museum is situated in a preserved smeltery from 1844, displaying a unique collection of native silver as well as artefacts and models illustrating history of the mining enterprises. Opposite the church, a building from 1786 accommodating the Royal Norwegian Mining Academy, founded in 1757, is part of the national heritage site of Kongsberg Silver Works.

At Saggrenda, 8 km W, visitors can explore underground workings in the King’s Mine, accessed by a 2300 m long narrow-gauge railway.

The Norwegian Mining Museum
Norsk Bergverksmuseum
Hyttegata 3
3602 Kongsberg
+47 (0) 32 - 723200