The Knowledge Factory

The Fabrique des Savoirs (Knowledge Factory) is a cultural facility dedicated to the promotion and conservation of the heritage of the Normandy town of Elbeuf. It occupies the large textile factory of Blin & Blin, built in 1872. The buildings were saved by the local authority after the factory closed in 1976. It comprises a museum, an archival centre and an architectural and heritage centre. The museum’s collections date back to 1884 and have nearly 45,000 objects covering all kinds of heritage, including machines, archaeological objects, stuffed animals, paintings and textiles. The River Seine is a theme linking three main topics: the natural sciences, archaeology and industry. Activities are provided for adults and children and tours are available in English, French and German. Also in the complex are an archive and a centre for architecture and heritage that shows a permanent exhibition about the area’s architectural and urban transformation.

The Knowledge Factory
La Fabrique des Savoirs
7 Cours Gambetta
76500 Elbeuf
+33 (0) 232 - 963040